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The History Project

75th Anniversary cover
Special 75th Anniversary Edition

The School of Dentistry has a proud tradition of excellence in dental education and research that extends back to its inception in 1946. The History Project seeks to burnish this tradition by preserving our School’s institutional memory – the recollections and experiences of our alumni and others who have been part of this great institution over the decades.

We invite our alumni to share their memories of their time at the School – the people they worked with, the faculty members who taught them, their classmates with whom they formed lifelong friendships, the fun times, the challenges. We’re also inviting current senior faculty and emeritus faculty to contribute.

Our School has undertaken a major transformation designed to embrace the emerging trends in dental practice and education and produce a true dentist of the future. As we engage in that work, The History Project will also help us with another essential task: to see more clearly where we’ve been.