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Class of 2013



JanetRomero_mugDr. Janet Romero, Othello, Wash.: I am practicing with the Columbia Basin Health Association at its Wahluke Family Clinic in Mattawa. Having grown up in East Wenatchee, I feel very happy helping a community with the same background. My duties include overseeing dental residents from New York University who rotate through the CBHA clinics, and as an external faculty member for the Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health, I supervise fourth-year dental students during their four-week external rotations. As an affiliate member of our School of Dentistry’s RIDE faculty, I also help train the UW dental students who serve in community clinical rotations. I participate in the Feller Study Club in Moses Lake and have attended the annual Eastern Washington Medical Dental Summit, which focuses on the importance of integrating medicine and dentistry. (Spring 2016)


Dr. Devin Dickinson, Everett, Wash.: As of Sept. 1, Devin owns his own practice in Arlington, Wash. (Spring 2015)