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Class of 2007



Dr. Michael Layton, White Rock, B.C.: Our family enjoyed its hike to the top of Whistler Mountain! (Fall 2020)


Dr. Tonya Rice, Austin, Texas: Having fun on the water with the kids. (Fall 2020)

Tonya Rice and kids


Dr. James Giesen, Fort Stewart, Ga.: Dr. (Capt.) James Giesen recently returned from a five-month deployment to Afghanistan as part of the U.S. Army. During his deployment, he served as the sole dental provider for approximately 5,000 soldiers, sailors, Marines and airmen stationed in western Afghanistan. He was stationed at Shindand Airbase and Bagram Airbase. Treatment was conducted using portable field equipment and included mostly extractions, pulpectomies and large restorations. During his rotation there, he also mentored several Afghan dentists who saw a local patient population. Dr. Giesen served as the dental liaison to the U.S. military hospital at Bagram Air Base and helped arrange surgical treatment for a 14-year-old Afghan girl who had been diagnosed with a facial tumor. He found the deployment experience to be very rewarding, but is happy to be back practicing at his current duty station at Fort Stewart.  (Fall 2012)


Dr. Elizabeth Chilton, Puyallup, Wash.: Last September, I traveled to Guatemala for a week of dental outreach. I went with a group called Healing the Children. This was their first trip with dentists, but they plan to include dentists in future trips, which happen every six months. It was an amazing, eye-opening experience, and for those with my interest, I highly recommend the Healing the Children team! (Spring 2011)

Dr. LeRoy Horton, Tacoma, Wash.: I have been hard at work growing my practice as well as spending time with my family. Still living in Tacoma, I am part owner of Affordable Dental Care in Covington, Wash. My prior employer, Dr. Steven Paige, is now my business partner. A general practitioner, I have spent hours shadowing my partner and taking CE courses, and have advanced my skill set to offer services such as impacted wisdom tooth extraction, surgical placement and restoration of dental implants, sinus lifts and bone grafts. I love the profession and value the education received at the UWSOD. My free time is spent mostly with my wife and three kids, and traveling between soccer and volleyball tournaments every weekend. An accomplished martial artist, I periodically compete in Muay Thai kickboxing tournaments, and have successfully fought at small and big events throughout western Washington and Oregon. Last year, I returned home to the place of my origin in Glyfada, Greece. It was great to visit my family and end up staying an extra two weeks due to the volcano eruption in Iceland. As can be imagined, I didn’t complain about the extra two-week stay. This summer my goal is to do more fishing on Puget Sound and catch that record-breaking salmon. (Fall 2011)

Dr. Michael Layton, Surrey, B.C., Canada: In May 2010, I took over as owner of Peace Arch Dental in White Rock, B.C. My wife Emma and I live with our 19-month-old daughter, Adelaide, in Langley, B.C. (Spring 2011)


Dr. Daniel A. Frost, Carnation, Wash.: I am working full time at my uncle’s private practice office (Ronald E. Frost, UW Class of ‘74) located in Redmond, Wash. I also work part time (one day a week) at Lake Washington Technical College Hygiene School in their restorative clinic. (Spring 2009)


 Dr. James Giesen, Fort Campbell, Ky.: Hello from Fort Campbell. I’m finishing up a rewarding year here at the AEGD program. My mentors here say that I am one of the more talented students here and I have to owe that to my education at the UW. Though there is much more to being an Army dentist than just practicing dentistry, it has been a good experience where I have made many friends and connections. I hope everyone is well back at the UW; I miss Seattle a lot! (Fall 2008)