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Class of 1995



Dr. Jacqueline Bunce, Kent, Wash.: Here is a photo of my fellow 1995 alumni. It’s great to get together with our former classmates now that the pandemic is more under control. Attending the UWSOD was a rewarding and memorable time. I am thankful for all of the wonderful people that I have met through the UWSOD and have enjoyed the support of my former classmates and colleagues. Here’s to a wonderful 2023 to everyone! (Spring 2023)

From left: Classmates Jacqueline Bunce, Vicki Fidler, Neda Goharkhay, Gloria Eshragi, and Anna Lee
From left: Classmates Jacqueline Bunce, Vicki Fidler, Neda Goharkhay, Gloria Eshragi, and Anna Lee


Jacqueline Bunce
Dr. Jacqueline Bunce, Kent, Wash.: I am enjoying practicing as an orthodontist in Bellevue, volunteering for the orthodontic societies, and spending time with friends and family, especially my dental schoolmates. My mother says that I have to work in my office to at least the age that she has worked in my office. She is still working in my office, so it looks like I will be practicing a while longer! (Fall 2022)


Dr. Jackie Bunce, Kent, Wash.: One of the best things about attending the University of Washington School of Dentistry, in addition to graduating from our first-rate dental school, has been all the wonderful people who have become our colleagues and friends. I hope that we can all continue to keep in touch, supporting each other and the school that has nurtured and supported us along the way. I can’t wait to get through the pandemic! (Spring 2021)

Jackie Bunce and classmates
Dr. Bunce (far left) got together with classmates shortly before the onset of the pandemic: (from left) Dana Larson, Neda Goharkhay, Anna Lee, Vicki Fidler, and Gloria Eshraghi.


Dr. Kyle Christensen, South Jordan, Utah: I continue to practice in South Jordan, Utah, at Wasatch Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. Things are going great for my family and me. (Fall 2010)


Dr. Howard R. Daines, Brigham City, Utah: My partner and I are excited to be starting a continuing education hosting service. Most of our events will be held in the beautiful Wasatch Mountains in Utah, in a town called Eden. Check us out at . We would love to have any alumni join us for a long weekend of learning and recreation. I would especially love to see any of our Class of ’95. (Fall 2008)



Class of 1995

In November 2015, the UW School of Dentistry Class of 1995 gathered together to reminisce and reconnect. Twenty-one members of the class were able to travel to Leavenworth, Wash., for the weekend. Some traveled from as far away as Texas and Colorado, but the majority of those in attendence were living and practicing in Washington state. It was an amazing weekend and there was talk of meeting every five years. Please make sure to keep your information current with the Dental School Alumni office if you wish to know about our next class reunion.