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Class of 1992



Dr. Linda Edgar, Federal Way, Wash.: Elected the ADA President-Elect at the 2022 ADA Annual Session in Houston. (Spring 2023)


Dr. Linda Edgar, Federal Way, Wash.: I am running for ADA President in October 2022 at the ADA meeting in Houston and finishing my four-year term as an ADA Trustee. (Fall 2022)


Dr. Linda Edgar, Federal Way, Wash.: I have just completed a book called Thank You for Giving Me David, about my son’s adoption. It can be ordered online at Target, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon, or just google the title for the link to order. I have been encouraged to run for ADA president-elect in October 2022. I am currently serving as the Eleventh District Trustee (Alaska, Montana, Oregon, Idaho, and Washington). It will be a tough election, with candidates from larger districts in New York and possibly California, but I will do my best. We have only had two ADA presidents from our district, over 30 years ago, and we have never had an ADA president from Washington. My goal is to increase the value of ADA to our members and make a difference to our profession by “having the members’ back” like we did during Covid. I want to build an organization that non-members will want to be part of and members want to tell others about. (Fall 2021)


Dr. Ronald McEntire, Adams, Ore.: I’m still enjoying dentistry after 27 years. I’m still learning new things! I sold my part of the Walla Walla practice, and now practice in Pendleton, Ore. I’ve been in Pendleton for four years now, and I’m sure I’ll practice here until retirement. My wife, Michelle, and I have a 10-year-old boy and are enjoying watching him grow. We also have three grandchildren we enjoy. This last summer we went on a Gordon Christensen Mediterranean cruise, which was great! (Spring 2020)


Dr. Chris Jolley, Pleasant Grove, Utah: I moved my practice to Pleasant Grove over a year ago. My wife, Debie, and my three youngest children are in the photo. From youngest to oldest, they are Natallia, Rachel and Daniel. Ariel and Gabriel are not pictured. My children range in age from 1 to 17. Debie and I have become politically active, trying to get Constitutionally conservative candidates elected, and enjoying some success. I wish everyone the best. God bless us all, everyone. (Spring 2011)


Dr. Linda J. Edgar, Federal Way, Wash.: I was elected in July 2007 to National Secretary of the Academy of General Dentistry. (Spring 2008)