Class of 1990


Dr. Jay Morrow, Phoenix, Ariz.: This was a busy year for me. I have been a full-time Assistant Professor at Midwestern University College of Dental Medicine in Glendale, Ariz., for the last six years. This spring I was promoted to Associate Professor, and on July 1 I was appointed to the position of Associate Dean for Preclinical Education. My twin sons are entering their sophomore year at Arizona State University (fortunately they are still big Husky and Seahawk fans), and my daughter will be in her senior year of high school. In my new position I do not get to lecture as much, but am still involved with research, and fortunately I have a lot of student contact, which is the part I enjoy most. Bill Brachvogel, Steve Haub, Radd Lukas and Greg Schuster all work with me here. It is almost UW South. If you come to Phoenix, be sure to call! (Fall 2015)

Dr. Robin Reinke, Las Vegas, Nev.: After four years in academia at UNLV School of Dental Medicine, I was moved into the Assistant Dean for Clinical Services position. I will receive my promotion to Associate Professor in July 2017. Starting my PhD program through Warwick University’s dental school in the U.K. I have enjoyed helping the UW with their interview process the last two years. Don’t miss the rain and cold very often. (Spring 2017)

Dr. Robin Reinke, Las Vegas: I have been on faculty at UNLV School of Dental Medicine for two years now. I have been lecturing, teaching in clinic and doing research. Enjoying the sunny weather and the lifestyle Las Vegas offers. I miss the green of the Pacific Northwest but not the rain! (Spring 2015)

Dr. Robin E. Reinke: I went to South Africa in July on a volunteer expedition to help with research being done with the African penguins. Two weeks were spent on Robben Island recording data on nest sites, checking growth and other wildlife sightings. Afterwards, I took some time to go to Kruger National Park to stay at a game lodge and spend a few days on safari. (Spring 2011)

Dr. Robin E. Reinke: I will be traveling to South Africa in July to help with research on African penguins. This will be my final continent to see and my tenth penguin species. (Spring 2010)