Class of 1980


Dr. Richard C. Engar, Salt Lake City, Utah: Honored to receive the Utah Dental Association Distinguished Service Award in April 2017. Still work a quarterly risk management volumn for the Academy of General Dentistry. Still a national champion competing at International Plastic Modelers Society contests, most recently in Omaha. Still on the faculty at the University of Utah School of Dentistry. Often run into our former UW restorative instructor, Dr. Lynn Powell. (Spring 2018)

Dr. Richard C. Engar, Salt Lake City, Utah: Congratulations to Bruce Kinney for his recent induction into the International College of Dentists. Also, congratulations to Sid Gallegos and Pollene Speed for their ongoing involvement with the Partners in Diversity Scholarship Program. (Spring 2012)

Richard EngarDr. Richard C. Engar: At my age, I am enjoying the fruits of my posterity. My oldest son is a practicing lawyer, and my middle son is wrapping up his fourth year of medical school at the University of Utah. He and his wife are the source of our one grandchild, whom we spend many a delightful time enjoying. Our youngest daughter is wrapping up her education, also at the University of Utah, getting a master’s degree in anticipation of her teaching school. I still work as Attorney-in-Fact (CEO) of Professional Insurance Exchange, a self-insured professional liability company to protect and help Utah’s dentists. I stay in the real world by teaching one or two half-days a month at the University of Utah’s General Practice Residency Program (where the residents actually teach me!). I have enjoyed building models ever since I was about 8 years old and have kept it up even into my old age! These are the type of model kits that you simply look at, not the radio-controlled kind, so the only time these models fly is if there is a problem during construction coupled with a lack of self-control on the part of the builder. Anyway, I am in several model building clubs and I compete with the models in contests where it is sort of like board exams, where your work is scrutinized such that you can earn a first, second or third prize. I am proud to say that I am a bona fide national champion, and my brother and I write a column about various aspects of model-building for one of the national publications. I build mainly airplanes but also cars, space subjects and figures. I can also boast the largest collection of scale-model airplanes available in Utah accessible for the public to see with over 150 (plus cars) in several glass display cases in my office. I don’t dare state how many unbuilt kits I have in my crawl space waiting for their turn for fear that I will be accused of being a hoarder! Let’s just say it is a four-figure number. It was great to see many old classmates/friends at our 30-year reunion last summer, and I still have to rave at the great job that Ty Galvin did (with a little help from Marvel, his wife) orchestrating a great party! And I see more trips to Washington in the future since my undergraduate alma mater

(U of U) has finally achieved the status of reaching membership in the new PAC-12. (Spring 2011)

Lucinda M. Folsom, Snohomish, Wash.: I retired in January 2015 and am astounded how busy that life keeps me. I continue to be an affiliate faculty member with the fourth-year students in clinic at the UW School of Dentistry, donating a full day of teaching each week for over a year, and now one half-day. It’s been a rewarding way to give back. (Spring 2018)

Dr. Ross FrakerDr. Ross Fraker, Seattle:  Enjoying retirement from active patient care since December 2010, but lend a hand when needed to Dr. Sarah Fraker (’98).  Ross and Deanna are still very involved with the Amalgam Separator business and display The Amalgam Collector at several local, state and national meetings a year.  Ross was very involved at the beginning of 2015 helping the EPA transform their proposed national mandate into a dentist-friendly document as much as possible. (Fall 2015)

Dr. Ross Fraker: Sold my practice to my daughter, Dr. Sarah Fraker (’98), in 2008 and then worked for her as an associate until retiring in December 2010. My wife and business partner, Deanna Borden Fraker, travel extensively throughout the U.S. demonstrating our products, The Amalgam Collectors, at numerous dental conventions and meetings. In between these meetings and local service calls, we work in time for our two children’s pairs of rambunctious boys, trips to Mexico, Hawaii or Canada and occasional yard work, of course. (Spring 2012)

Dr. Ross Fraker: I’m looking forward to our 30th reunion this year. I sold my practice to my daughter Sarah in 2008 and work for her when we are not traveling for pleasure or business with The Amalgam Collector. We are enjoying four grandsons ages 1-4 who are all in the Seattle area. I am looking forward to some type of retirement and maybe a new career. (Fall 2010)

Dr. Ross Fraker: Recently sold practice to his daughter, Dr. Sarah Fraker, Class of 1998. He continues to work in the practice two days a week and remains busy with his corporation, R&D Services, Inc., manufacturing and marketing models of The Amalgam Collector™. He is looking forward to the 30th reunion of his class in 2010. If you are interested in helping with the reunion planning, please contact Ross at (Spring 2009)

Dr. Ty Mitchell Galvin, Renton, Wash.: Hi, Class of 1980 alumni. I am beginning to organize our 30-year reunion (yes, in 2010). If you have any suggestions, please e-mail me at: It will be a guaranteed good time for all! (Spring 2009)

Dr. Gary Heyamoto, Woodinville, Wash.: I’m semi-retired now, having sold my practice and contracting back until October. After that, who knows? I’ll be 65 and free to pursue another career (LOL). (Spring 201p)

Gary Heyamoto
Dr. Gary E. Heyamoto, Woodinville, Wash.: Semi-retired now, working half time with Dr. Paul Roe. Devoting more time with the development of Washington AGD’s Learning Center at Angle Lake and the Oral Cancer Awareness program here in Washington. (Spring 2018)

Dr. Gary Heyamoto, Woodinville, Wash.: I completed my seventh year as AGD’s Region II Trustee, hired on as defensive statistician for the NCAA National Championship Stat Squad, continue as the Rose Bowl defensive statistician, finished my 32nd year on the Seahawks stat crew, still am the CDE Chair for Washington AGD, but best of all, added a son-in-law. My daughter Taryn was married in October. Welcome, Taylor! (Spring 2015)

Dr. Gary Heyamoto: Still “moonlighting” as stats man for Rose Bowl, Husky football, Husky basketball and the Seahawks. On the board of WSDA and in last term as AGD Trustee for Region 11. Enjoying working with Dr. Sang Bae for the last two years.

From the Academy of General Dentistry: The AGD is pleased to announce that Dr. Heyamoto has earned the 2012 Lifelong Learning and Service Recognition (LLSR) for his commitment to lifelong learning, volunteering his services to communities in need, mentoring associates and new dentists and participating in organized dentistry. This is the second LLSR that Dr. Heyamoto has earned with the AGD. Since its inception in 2005, only six of the AGD’s 37,000-plus members have received the prestigious LLSR recognition twice. (Spring 2012)

Dr. Gary E. Heyamoto: Our 2008 UWSOD valedictorian, Dr. Sang Bae, is practicing with me. She is a fantastic dentist! I should learn a lot. I’m honored to have been elected to the WSDA Board, still am AGD Trustee for Region 11 and continue to serve as a statistician for the Seahawks/Huskies. Life is good! (Spring 2011)

Dr. Gary E. Heyamoto: I am now in my second year as Academy of General Dentistry Trustee for Region XI. I encourage all dentists to become AGD members and support the fight to preserve our scope of practice. As a statistician, I reached the pinnacle by calling the defensive stats for the Rose Bowl and BCS Championship Game in Pasadena. Like dentistry, sports are a whole world in and of itself. Truly an experience to treasure. (Spring 2010)

Dr. Gary E. Heyamoto: In July 2008, I became the Academy of General Dentistry’s Trustee for Region II. Currently, I am serving on WSDA’s Budget & Finance Committee. Also, it is with great pleasure to continue working as a statistician for the Seahawks and UW Husky football and basketball teams. In January, I began serving as defensive statistician for the Rose Bowl stat crew. Hopefully, one day soon, I can work a “home game” on Jan. 1! (Spring 2009)

Dr. Gary E. Heyamoto: In November 2007, my practice expanded to include Dr. Tammy Eckart. A native of Green Bay, Wisc., we’re proving “Packers” and “Seahawks” can co-exist. Seriously, I’m pleased to be working with such a talented, hard-working younger dentist. (Spring 2008)

Dr. Phillips B. Trautman, Camano Island, Wash.: I am volunteering as an affiliate faculty member at the UW School of Dentistry. (Spring 2019)

Dr. Phillips B. Trautman, Camano Island, Wash.: In 2009 I have had an employment change from Mount Vernon Sea Mar Community Health Center to Bellingham Willamette Dental. I am still living on Camano Island overlooking Skagit Bay. (Spring 2010)


30th Reunion

From left: Drs. Gary Bramer, Brian Juel, Brian Rutherford, Bob Dean and Ron Danforth enjoy some fresh air and camaraderie on the Hotel Sorrento’s roof.

From left: Drs. Gary Bramer, Brian Juel, Brian Rutherford, Bob Dean and Ron Danforth enjoy some fresh air and camaraderie on the Hotel Sorrento’s roof.


On June18, 2010, the Class of 1980 held its 30-year reunion in the historic Sorrento Hotel in downtown Seattle, with Dr. Ty Galvin serving as Reunion Chair. With many dentists in town for the WSDA Convention, 54 classmates plus 48 spouses/significant others/guests were in attendance. The following Class of 1980 “Academy Awards” were issued:

Dr. Bruce Kinney shares a light moment with his wife, Linda, and Debbie (Mrs. Tomas) Holbrook.

Dr. Bruce Kinney shares a light moment with his wife, Linda, and Debbie (Mrs. Tomas) Holbrook.

  • Farthest Traveler (from Omaha, Neb.): Dr. Rose Homan, who beat out others who came from Alaska, Utah and Arizona
  • Most Interesting Side Career: Dr. Hester Rumberg, an international best-selling author
  • Most Inspirational Dentists: Drs. Mike Karr and Mark Paxton for international relief work
  • Most Excited about the Reunion: Dr. Dave Rosenthal
  • Most Helpful Person named Dick: Dr. Dick Engar
Dr. Mike Hairfield presents class archives to Event Chair Dr. Ty Galvin.

Dr. Mike Hairfield presents class archives to Event Chair Dr. Ty Galvin.

A computer presentation by Dr. Engar highlighted memorable instructors from the 1976-80 era, and several faces (now not so young) were prominently featured as we learned how to cut preps and make dentures. Dr. Mike Hairfield presented a collection of 1980 Historical Archives to our distinguished reunion chair, Dr. Galvin, which featured rubber base and Impregum impressions, among other relics from days gone by. The 54 classmates in attendance crowded on the roof for a photo with no catastrophes despite the absence of protective railings. Several other pictures were taken featuring the attendees reminiscing and basically having a great wave of nostalgia.

From left: Drs. Richard Engar, Jon Homberg, Ty Galvin and Gary Heyamoto.

From left: Drs. Richard Engar, Jon Homberg, Ty Galvin and Gary Heyamoto.

The hotel staff basically had to shoo us out at midnight because we did not want the fun to stop. In any event, a splendid time was had by all, and the buzz was that excuses need to be generated to prompt the group to meet more often.

– Richard C. Engar, DDS

Photos courtesy of Marvel Galvin and Richard Engar



Damon Jeffery Guinn was born Sept. 13, 1954 in Portland, Ore.; died July 13, 1999 in Snohomish County. Loving father of Lisa, David, and Brian Guinn; brother of Michele (Michael) Romeo and David (Cheryl) Guinn. Also survived by his grandmother, Rosalie Guinn, and numerous nieces and nephews. Dr. Guinn was a 1972 graduate of Mercer Island High School, a graduate of the University of Washington and the University of Washington Dental School in the Class of 1980. He was an avid golfer and lived in Mill Creek for almost 20 years. Jeff was an incredible dentist dedicated to gently caring for his patients. He loved his patients and always put their welfare as his top priority. Above all, Jeff was a dear friend to so many people. He always had an open heart.


Mark Paxton

Dr. Mark Christopher Paxton died on Feb. 8, 2018 in Spokane, Wash. He was 63. Dr. Paxton was a beloved husband, father, Papa, brother and friend. His life was packed to the brim with adventure, service, family and friends.

Dr. Paxton was born on Aug. 10, 1954 in Burbank, Calif., to Tom and Sue Paxton. He was the third of six children and grew up in Bellevue, Wash. He graduated from Washington State University and then attended the School of Dentistry. While at UW, he met Diane Stevens, followed her around, and persuaded her to marry him in 1980. After dental school, he joined the U.S. Air Force, where he received his training as an oral and maxillofacial surgeon.

After leaving the Air Force, the Paxtons relocated to Spokane in 1995, where he started his oral surgery practice. Dr. Paxton had a special interest in cleft lip and palate surgery, and he touched the lives of many patients and their families through his compassionate and skilled work. He traveled to Colombia and Guatemala for 28 years with Hearts in Motion to perform surgeries for children who would have otherwise gone without any help. He mentored hundreds of surgical residents, dental students and WSU undergraduate students, and took them to Guatemala on these mission trips. He was also fundamental in building the Inland Dental Expanded Access Clinic in Spokane.

Dr. Paxton lived a full life and he touched many people. He loved adventures like traveling, hiking, biking, skiing, sailing, and especially flying. He was very loyal to his WSU Cougars. Mostly, he loved his family and friends, and cherished his last several months having his grandchildren, Quincy, Clara, and Edda, living in his home. He was a beloved Papa.

He is survived by his wife, Diane; son Chris (Mary Dorothy); daughter Lindsey; grandchildren Quincy, Clara, and Edda; siblings Anne (Jim Harvey) Paxton, Tim (Cathy), Matt (Kris), and Suzanne; parents-in-law Otto and Shirley Stevens; sisters and brothers-in-law Scott (Suzi) Stevens, Rich Stevens, Brian (Denise) Stevens, and Kristi (Rob) Rice; many nieces and nephews; and numerous special friends. He was preceded in death by his parents and his older brother Tom. (Spokane Spokesman-Review)